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ReAnima – dying to be alive

A circus and physical theater piece about different perspectives on the process of dying. ‘I am part of the earth that rises and goes. And I will return to lie down when death comes. I will be absorbed back into the land, grateful to have been part of this miracle called life. Lemi Ponifasio
The piece explores radical physical transformations on and with a swing boat, as it is or rather was traditionally found at folk festivals. This serves as a fully playable stage set and opens up associations with the ferryman Charon’s crossing of the river to the underworld. How do you prepare for the process of dying, the journey to the ‘other side’? Aren’t we confronted with small deaths every day? And how can we use this as a kind of ‘rehearsal’ for the ultimate transformation – ‘the end’? Is there an end at all, or doesn’t an end always imply some kind of new beginning? What if we were to see dying as a continuous process that runs parallel to that of living?

Artist:inside: Carmen Raffaela Küster | Alessio Isgró
Duration: 35 minutes

in_tensegrity | AT, DE

Event type
New circus

Pond stage

Target audience
from 8 years

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Shows & Tickets

Wednesday, 28.8.2024 | 20:30 - 21:05