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We are a GREEN EVENT Festival since 2020

Did you know what makes the difference…?

… here are
70 – 90% of residual waste saved!

… only regional products with organic seal are used, for non-regional products only fair trade!

… Accessibility, people with disabilities will be able to participate without hindrance!

… our location Rapoldipark is environmentally friendly for everyone to reach and centrally located!

… Sustainable procurement for all products used!

Drinking water

Many water points are available to you free of charge . Please take your water bottle with you!


You want to know more …?


We rely on seasonal products from regional producers and suppliers. Favor food, with fair trade and organic label. We encourage the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages and provide tap water free of charge. Vegetarian dishes make up the majority of the menu, and only regional producers are used for animal products.


We rely on energy-saving technologies in the use of sound and lighting equipment and economical consumption of energy and water.


We produce as little waste as possible. Existing waste is separated and recycled. We do not use aluminum cans, plastic drinking bottles or disposable capsule systems. In the guest area, there are appropriately marked collection containers for the six waste fractions glass, paper, metal, plastic, organic and residual waste.


The park is easy to reach in an environmentally friendly way, such as by public ́s, bike paths, rental bike stations, train station or on foot.

City bike stations
Sillpark | Leipziger Platz


The location Rapoldipark is centrally located. Our guests can travel in an environmentally friendly way. The park is easily accessible both by bicycle and on foot. Mobile bike racks are available. A relaxed and environmentally friendly journey is also possible by public transport.

Arrival with ÖBB:

Arrival with the IVB:

Arrival with the VVT:


Only reusable containers are used for food and beverages. All commodities (such as decorations / billboards, etc.) are collected and used multiple times.


Visibility as ‘Green Event Tirol’ throughout the entire application phase. Print type reduction to a minimum. Printed in Tyrol on 100% recycled paper.


We take care of noise reduction and do without special effects. The park is barrier-free and we create fair working conditions. Guests with special requests are welcome to contact us. Our contact person: Maria Plank +43 681 844 521 76.


Nonprofit operations. We do not use advertising materials and give-aways. Napkins and toilet paper made of recycled paper, of course. Decorative items meet sustainability criteria and are used at least for a long time.


We use the existing infrastructure. The on-site restroom facility receives trained personnel who are specifically sensitized to the increased hygiene measures. All accommodations, for our actors:inside are in close proximity to the festival area.