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A contemporary circus piece

‘Control’ is a physical theater piece that uses the body and movement to analyze subtle connections within a partnership. These are meticulously constructed, well thought-out images and a choreography that unfolds in detail with a density and depth of meaning rarely seen before. With irrepressible power, the two artists make the audience feel mercilessly what abuse of power can do – far removed from anything striking. Closely juxtaposed as if interwoven with the intoxicating feeling of (acrobatic) freedom. Almost silent, the piece is based on aerial acrobatics such as tire and hair suspension, as well as contemporary dance.
They analyze society and explore physical boundaries with a passion for detail, deep connection, mutual inspiration and a sense of adventure. The Pardalea Collective has been touring Europe with its performances since 2020.

By and with: Julia M. Makoschitz (Gaffa Galaktika) | Angie Kurz
Duration: 45 minutes

Pardalea Collective | AT, ES

Event type
New circus

Big circus tent

Target audience
from 12 years

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Shows & Tickets

Friday, 30.8.2024 | 22:15 - 23:00
Saturday, 31.8.2024 | 21:30 - 22:15