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Winter’ tells the story of a triangular relationship between the true, the illusory and the pedal boat in the form of a swan that has strayed to the North Pole. The circus poets of My!Laika have given up trying to really understand the world and instead decide to deal all the more intensively with the incomprehensible in order to create their own universe from it. The senselessness of circus tricks, trashy illusions as well as para-philosophical and pseudo-geopolitical speeches underline the abstruseness of this show, which thus acquires a striking significance.
The artists of this French-Italian troupe merge with their audience to become the inhabitants of an ephemeral traveling theater that enables the vision of a completely different world. Since 2009, the circus collective My!Laika has been creating absurd, three-dimensional collages from movement, music and impressive images, which, as the result of exuberant chains of association, reject linear narration and immediate understanding and are therefore as entertaining as they are fascinating.

Experience the eagerly awaited Austrian premiere of Ensemble My!Laika’s play ‘Winter’ at the KRAPOLDI Festival in Innsbruck, where for the first time two impressive circus tents will provide an unforgettable experience in the wonderful Rapoldi Park!

Actors:inside: Philine Dahlmann | Salvatore Frasca | Edoardo Demontis | Maristella Tesio
Technique: Manue Guilbert
Duration: 70 minutes
My!Laika circus company

My!Laika | FR, IT

Event type
New circus


Target audience
from 12 years

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Shows & Tickets

Wednesday, 28.8.2024 | 21:00 - 22:10
Thursday, 29.8.2024 | 20:30 - 21:40
Friday, 30.8.2024 | 21:00 - 22:10