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The case of the moon calf

One sunny day, Kasperl goes for a walk and unexpectedly meets the moon calf, which seems to have fallen from the sky! Puzzled by this unusual encounter, Kasperl suspects that the evil wizard Anorak is behind it. Together with his friends, he decides to solve the riddle of the moon calf and bring it safely back to the moon.
The Stöcklbühne, a theater group from Innsbruck, translates the classic Punch and Judy show into an entertaining clown theater for children that captivates with lively characters and a fresh interpretation.

By and with: the evil magician Anorak – Michelle Schmollgruber | Tannenfranzi – Nadja Baumgartner | Mooncalf – Emilio Cadet | Punch and Judy – Ulrike Corazza or Thomas Sprenger | Grandmother – Karin Tauber | the sleeping princess – Julia Begher
Duration: 50 minutes

The Stöcklbühne | AT

Event type
Children's theater


Target audience
from 3 years

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Shows & Tickets

Sunday, 1.9.2024 | 10:00 - 11:00
Sunday, 1.9.2024 | 13:00 - 14:00