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Friday, 30. and Saturday 31.08.2024

14:30 – 21:00 | In the park

Silea (DE) | tightrope walk

14:30, 17:15 | Island of the Hanging Beeches

A charming one-woman show presents wonderful sensations,
sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes highly spectacular.

Silea | Carousell | Rope Dance | DE

Imre Bernath (HU) | Street Comedy

15:15, 19:30 | Parkbühne

Social Salto
Imre creates heart-wrenching moments with the audience by making them the stars and heroes of the show. |

Imre Bernath | Social Salto | Street Comedy | HU

Acrosphere (AT) | Street Art

16:00, 18:45 | Island of the Hanging Beeches

The show combines breathtaking acrobatics with a lively musical performance on the piano. It explores the limits of the instrument and tells a complex story about relationships between people and objects.

Acrosphere | XPect | Street Art | AT

Elina Pia (AT) | Street Art

16:45, 20:45 | Parkbühne

Card pyramid
31 oversized playing cards are joined together to form a 5-meter-high card pyramid that towers majestically into the sky. A sculpture that grows upwards, swaying slightly, and fascinates passers-by. Intrepid spectators hand the artist the playing cards, which become props for her handstand art. Rise and fall merge into a bold game that is also a metaphor for life.

Elina Pia | card pyramid | street art | AT

Luis Loco Brusca (ES) | Clownery

18:00, 20:15 | Parkbühne

The Train is gone
A vagabond named Jack misses the train that was supposed to take him to his lover. Despite his disappointment, he decides to entertain the other people waiting at the station and overcome his own problems. Jack uses hand puppets, plays percussion with spoons and displays many other talents to wow the audience.

Luis Loco Brusca | The Train is gone | Clownery | ES
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Friday, 30.8.2024 | 14:30 - 21:00
Saturday, 31.8.2024 | 14:30 - 21:00