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Walter Singer and Wolfgang Peer

Musical break fillers

The combination of beautiful music and absurd stage presence could be described with a multitude of stylistic buzzwords. In a nutshell, visitors simply enjoy the fact that what’s inside really is what it says on the tin: Welcome to the ‘die_freakshow’. On this evening, Wolfgang Peer and Walter Singer – in the absence of Stefan Preyer – will entertain you as ‘die_freakshow 2/3’ as a musical intermission filler.

Circa Playing times:
19:00 – 19:45 | 20.45 – 21:00

By and with: Walter Singer | Wolfgang Peer

Walter Singer and Wolfgang Peer | AT

Event type
Live music

Large tent forecourt

Target audience
for all

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Shows & Tickets

Friday, 30.8.2024 | 19:00 - 19:45
Friday, 30.8.2024 | 20:45 - 21:00