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SHIVA GRINGS (DE) | Clownery

16:00, 17:15 | Marketplace

A singing, improvising, lovable clown. The Pigeon Hunter fits into any situation and turns it into something unique and wonderful. His show is spontaneous, integrating everything that happens in the environment: the audience, the venue, gusts of wind and even pigeons unwittingly become part of his performance. There’s always a crowning finale at the end, whether it’s a karate act or a tribute to King-Kong, a juggling act on the shoulders of brave men or a particularly ridiculous boxing match.
Shiva Grings (DE)

FLARE PERFORMANCE (AT) | street theater

16:45, 19:00 | Marketplace

For many years, Flare Performance from Vienna has been delighting audiences worldwide with their modern spectacle. Powerful and astonishing moments are guaranteed under their artistic scaffolding in the imaginative street theater ‘Circurios’. The dangling duet finds itself in a curious dream where magic envelops the air and ignites a very special spark. A flying circus with graceful and romantic moments high in the air.
Irene Schuberth (HU) and Markus Kapeller (AT)


18:30 | Marketplace

Breakneck handstands on chair towers. The fascinating Brazilian acrobat Fausto Tenorio works in the style of the New Circus and takes the audience’s hearts by storm with his energy, charm and kindness!
Fausto Tenorio de la Souza (BRA – AT)


18:00, 19:45 | Marketplace

A show with a lot of energy, improvisation and relationship
to the audience. Gags and non-gags, with the hat, horns, bicycles, unicycles, mini-bikes and handlebars!
Jordi Beltramo (IT)

Shows & Tickets

Saturday, 2.9.2023 | 16:00 - 20:30 Free Admission