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Saturday, 24.08.2024

15:00 – 21:00

Dyvinetz (ES) | Acrobatics – Cyr Wheel

from 15:00

Francisco Rojas alias Mr. Dyvinetz is an internationally acclaimed circus artist with over two decades of experience and fascinates audiences worldwide. With acrobatic skills and a variety of circus disciplines such as hand-to-hand acrobatics and the Cyr Wheel, he inspires with his art. Originally from Chile, he now lives with his family in Barcelona, Spain. His aim is to spread joy and magic through his performances and to travel the world.

Duo Un Pie (ARG) | Acrobatics

from 15:00

The Argentinian duo Un Pie show an incredible combination of strength and grace in their piece ‘Love and Salt’: Miss Winter and Spinach, the Clown, play two sailors. They are a graceful young woman and a crazy young man who both lose themselves in fantasy. And they both dream of love while dancing. Acrobatics and humor, juggling, daring jumps, balance and tango – it’s all there, the only thing missing is the final kiss!

Fausto Giori (IT) | Clownery

from 16:00

After almost a decade of self-study and passion for the performing arts, Fausto Giori takes to the stage as a clown with his new show ‘DEMENZIO’. This unique comedy combines exquisite facial expressions, emotional acting and a dash of comedy to create an unforgettable experience. DEMENZIO’ promises to inspire people of all ages and redefine the boundaries of clowning.

Fanfarroni (IT) | Street music

from 15:00

The Freestyle Orchestra (AT,DE,ESP,GB) | Street Art

from 17:00

The Freestyle Orchestra is an international performance collective that brings together classically trained musicians with experience in movement and circus as well as movement and circus artists with a musical background. They strive for collective forms of expression, both physical and musical. Their notable appearances include events such as the Venice Biennale, the Buskers Festival Vienna, Les Jardins Muscaux in Switzerland, concerts entitled “Orchester Am Berg” and performances at the Kultursommer Wien. Her most recent projects and collaborations include The Looking Glass Cabaret (2020 and 2021), The Secret Garden Festival (2021) and Vien.noir (2022). In 2023, her documentary was selected for the Circus International Film Festival and her work has been presented at international conferences such as SAR, ELIA Biennial and Classical:Next.

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Saturday, 24.8.2024 | 15:00 - 21:00