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Herbert and Mimi have been looking forward to one thing all day – finally going to bed and sleeping! After quickly watching their favorite TV show, it’s time to snuggle up. But falling asleep turns out to be more difficult than expected. Herbert quickly leaves the warm bed to immerse himself in the land of dreams, and Mimi has to join him for better or worse. So the two of them rush from one adventure to the next – exhausting! When night turns to day again, Mimi has the feeling that she hasn’t slept a wink.

By and with: Helga Jud | Manfred Unterluggauer
Duration: 50 minutes

Herbert & Mimi | AT

Event type

Big circus tent

Target audience
from 3 years

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Shows & Tickets

Wednesday, 28.8.2024 | 13:00 - 14:00