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A broom for Hilda the witch

Hilda can fly really well. But unfortunately she only has a toy witch’s broom, and it’s far too small for her. She has wanted a real one for a long time – for Christmas, for her birthday… but so far nothing. So she decides to get one herself! She flies off with her toy broom, zigzags through the trees, up the hill and down the slope with a lot of momentum… until she crashes into a big stone. Broom broken! And she herself? Stranded somewhere in the forest, without a broom, all alone.
Hilda sets off on foot to find a really big witch’s broom. She meets some strange creatures along the way: funny, friendly, crazy and even a giant one that everyone is afraid of – except the little witch Hilda! She bravely stands up to him and defends her new friends. In the end, she even ends up with a beautiful, large, glittering pink witch’s broom.

Play & set: Stefanie Hattenkofer
Director: Ulrike Andersen
Duration: 45 minutes

Hattenkofer puppet theater | DE

Event type
Puppet theater


Target audience
from 3 years

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Shows & Tickets

Thursday, 29.8.2024 | 11:00 - 12:00
Thursday, 29.8.2024 | 15:00 - 16:00