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Being a lion is wonderful

When lion and tamer face each other in the circus ring, it’s clear who’s in charge. The tamer swings the whip, the lion has to jump, from platform to platform or through burning hoops. But what if the lion suddenly turns the tables? […] There is the tamer who wants to make it big with his dressage act, here the lamb-like lion. Looking in the mirror one day, he realizes how strong he is. So he grabs the whip and shows the tamer what it’s like to dance to someone else’s tune. But very quickly the lion realizes that he doesn’t want to be the whip-wielding tamer at all. He tells the tamer about life as a free lion in Africa, where there is no circus, no burning tires….

The tamer likes this so much that he also prefers to be a lion and not a tamer.
Why? Because being a Leo is simply wonderful!

BY Gertrud Pigor | DIRECTOR Elle Eisner | DESIGN Ingrid Alber Pahle | PLAY Rosi Betz + Ines Stockner

Theater 7ieben & 7iebzig | AT

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from 3 years

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