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Sandra Hanschitz – IIIII

In their performance ‘IIIII’, dancer Sandra Hanschitz and musician Joël Beierer move on the border between contemporary dance, Cirque Nouveau and sound art. The focus is on the Cyr Wheel, with which the performers deal on an artistic-dance as well as sonic level. The central theme here: letting go!

Physical tension and letting go intertwine and develop into a meditative cycle, which immediately captivates the visitors as a musical-artistic intoxication.

Attention is focused in the experience of moving masses and merciless weight. A piece full of poetic facets in relation to the object and ultimately to itself. The mood evolves from calm balance to loss of control to fascinating dynamics and floating lightness – raw sounds meet fine beats. In the physical experience, we come back to the moment and together learn more about the beauty of letting go.

Artists:inside: Sandra Hanschitz and Joël Beierer | Duration: 30 min

Knot on Hands – Brace for Impact

Knot on Hands is a fresh-faced acrobatic trio featuring Britt Timmermans from the Netherlands, Mario Kunzi from Germany and Tijs Bastiaens from Belgium. All three graduated from the Codarts circus school in Rotterdam. They strive to take acrobatics in a new direction with an emphasis on the physical vocabulary of the three bodies.

In Brace for Impact, the group Knot on Hands explores what it means for them to be together on a path they don’t yet know where it will lead them. They are breaking undiscovered new ground in contemporary circus with this unique acrobatic dance. A groundbreaking performance that definitely inspires.

Artists:inside: Britt Timmermans, Mario Kunzi, Tijs Bastiaens | Duration: 30 min

Sandra Hanschitz | Knot on Hands | AT

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New circus

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from 8 years

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