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Fr. 01.09.2023 | Rapoldipark | 15:00 – 21:00 h

LABIL BONES (CZ) | Clownery

15:00, 18:45, 20:30 | Park Stage

There are two actors, two clowns, two musicians.
Worth seeing – lovable – simply fantastic!
Michal Chovanec and Ondřej Klíč (CZ)


15:40 | Park Stage

Ariane Öchsner with her performance ‘Bare Feast’ mixes techniques from contact juggling – body rolls and balances -, classical antipodes (foot juggling) and of course throwing and catching to her very own style. She teaches this in a playful way, with detailed technique input, guided improvisations and a lot of joy in movement.
Ariane Öchsner (AT)

UNARTIG (DE) | street art

16:00, 19:15 | Island of the Hanging Beeches

Open-air show between contemporary circus and movement theater. Two internationally renowned acrobat:in show with an exciting mixture of different, artistic narrative forms an impressive scenery. The oversized curtain transforms the surroundings into an open-air theater. The artists show acrobatics, swinging trapeze, Chinese mast and vertical dance on a rope ladder garnished with saxophone live music at dizzying heights!
Great entertainment for audiences of all ages!
Lisa Rinne (DE) and Andreas Bartl (DE)


16:30 | Park Stage

Barada Street is a ukulele-playing comedy duo that performs deceptively difficult acrobatics while simultaneously singing and engaging the audience at every turn of the show. Each element is quite impressive and Richard and Uri pull it off, combining with real charm and virtuosity.
About Richard (UK) and About Juri (KGZ)

MARIUS KITOWSKI (DE) | street art

17:15, 19:45 | Park Stage

Marius Kitowski, the overall world ranking winner from 2021 and reigning Austrian champion in tricklining, shows what is possible on a slackline. Single screws to double somersaults make for a spectacular and memorable show.
Marius Kitowski (DE)


17:30 | Park Stage

Circus Gonzo is a quirky ‘One Man Circus’ with a lot of verve, humor and above all breathtaking artistry. Whether on the trapeze, on the handstand platform, on the rope or in the vertical cloth – everything happens with amazing ease, skin-tight costumes and of course a big circus smile.
Finn Hunt Andersen (DNK)

Street art and clowning

18:00 | Park Stage

Verena Schneider is a handstand equilibrist and part of the ‘Female Circus’. Skilled and full of passion, she shows with her circus art what is possible with the human body.
Verena Schneider (AT)

20:00 | Park Stage

Breakneck handstands on chair towers. The fascinating Brazilian acrobat Fausto Tenorio works in the style of the New Circus and takes the audience’s hearts by storm with his energy, charm and kindness!
Fausto Tenorio de la Souza (BRA – AT)

Shows & Tickets

Friday, 1.9.2023 | 15:00 - 21:00 Free Admission