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MME DU POINT (AT) | street art

18:15 + evening | forecourt Goldenes Dachl

Mme Du Point is a witty, sparkling one woman show that exudes irresistible French charm with boundary-pushing entertainment. The life aspects of loneliness, longing, belonging, status, norm and self-discovery in the other person, are made visible by means of the areas of family, friendship and love.
Mme Du Point moderates the evening program.
Franziska Hauser (AT)


Musical accompaniment | Goldenes Dachl forecourt

They play without question of topicality or zeitgeist, presenting their personal hit selection of an already rich musical output that has already taken them to the most mysterious and exciting places. In the process, you dig into the repertoire box all the way back to the pioneers
of their guild, intonate way-accompanying melodies of the most different genres and let them shine evergreen. They reliably complete the honest, sometimes edgy, then again rousingly cheerful sound of forgotten days. We are happy to welcome Carlos Martin as a ‘circus combo’ at the Altstadtvarieté – in an enlarged line-up!


17:30, 20:30 | forecourt Goldenes Dachl

‘Fragile’ aims to ironically challenge the fragility of equilibrium and emotional stability. Fragile tells of things we think little about, such as the shape of air, invisible but concrete. The molecules that make up all things, that separate every tangible object, they bring the air to life. The paper can float there, the wings of the plane and the tightrope walker rest on it. A musician and an actor, acrobat, tightrope walker. Two characters in a hypothetical here and now, connected by their own mystery. How fragile is balance on a tilting steel cable, how fleeting is the position of a sheet of paper on a finger, how fragile is life? These and other questions are not answered.
Federico Bassi (IT) and Carlo Coppadoro (IT)

DUO EVELLA (AT) | Street Theater Vertical Cloth

17:00, 19:30 | forecourt Goldenes Dachl

The Tyrolean duo Evella, shows artistry on falling cloths in a unique ambience in front of the Innsbruck city tower at a great height. Isabella Kneuer and Eva Ladstädter captivate in their grandiose performance with virtuosity, elegance and grace. You will be accompanied by the KRAPOLDI circus combo Carlos Martin.
Isabella Kneuer (AT) and Eva Ladstädter (AT)

SHIVA GRINGS (DE) | Clownery

19:00 h | forecourt Goldenes Dachl

A singing, improvising, lovable clown. The Pigeon Hunter fits into any situation and turns it into something unique and wonderful. His show is spontaneous, integrating everything that happens in the environment: the audience, the venue, gusts of wind and even pigeons unwittingly become part of his performance. There’s always a crowning finale at the end, whether it’s a karate act or a tribute to King-Kong, a juggling act on the shoulders of brave men or a particularly ridiculous boxing match.
Shiva Grings (DE)

QUE BARDO (BRA) | New Circus

19:45 | Forecourt Goldenes Dachl

‘Que Bardo’ is a show that creates a poetic vision of chaos, endless random actions in search of a whimsical feast that never wants to end. The three characters create a world full of humor and fantasy. They surprise and confuse the audience with stunts and manipulation of objects. The artistic search of the ensemble leads to the way of fusion of theater and circus to a very own scenic language. In this turbulent dynamic, acrobats transcend boundaries of their own, purely physical level. A dynamic, magical and extraordinary show for the whole family. Austrian premiere!

Many thanks to Café Katzung and the city of Innsbruck for the mounting possibilities of the aerial artistry on the roof and the city tower respectively! Your Krapoldis

Shows & Tickets

Saturday, 2.9.2023 | 17:00 - 21:30 Free Admission