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Regulars’ table

Tradition and new world views

The Stammtisch – in large parts of Austria it is impossible to imagine a social gathering without it – socializing, playing cards and political discussions. Places, for living out common interests and passions. Model making regulars’ tables, Italy fans’ regulars’ tables, stamp regulars’ tables and much more. And one thing most of these different regulars’ versions have in common:
they are male dominated

Verena Schneider, Florinda Fürst, Aurelia Eidenberger and Ariane Öchsner now also organize a regulars’ table: namely for contemporary circus with exclusively female authors. And they invite people of all genders and backgrounds to be part of it. And this regulars’ table has it in itself. Cyr-Wheel, juggling, slack rope, handstand and dance acrobatics – with these artistic disciplines the four women – skillfully and full of artistic passion – tell different negotiations of (Austrian) tradition and new world views – garnished with finest live music. Topics such as gender roles, urban-rural divide, oat milk scandals and card games are carefully scrutinized with a lot of humor, pulled over the table in front of the audience, drowned in beer and sung about with a gstanzl in good, Austrian tradition.
KRAPOLDI says cheers and looks forward to this special treat!

Artists: Verena Schneider, Florinda Fürst, Aurelia Eidenberger, Ariane Öchsner | Duration: 60 min

Female Circus | AT

Event type
New circus

Big circus tent

Target audience
from 12 years

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Saturday, 2.9.2023 | 21:30 - 22:30 Buy Tickets