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After the parade through the city center, a great opening show awaits the visitors. The great clown duo ‘Herbert & Mimi’ will perform excerpts from their programs and the main act of the Park Festival Days (September 1 + 2), namely the duo Circus UnARTiq will show parts of their unique show ‘CurtainCall’.
Two internationally renowned acrobat:in show with an exciting mixture of different, artistic narrative forms an impressive scenery. The oversized curtain transforms the surroundings into an open-air theater. The artists show acrobatics, swinging trapeze, Chinese mast and vertical dance on a rope ladder garnished with saxophone live music at dizzying heights!
Great entertainment for audiences of all ages!

Circus unARTiq | EN

Event type
Street theater

Insel der Hängebuchen

Target audience
for all

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Shows & Tickets

Tuesday, 29.8.2023 | 16:45 - 17:30 Free Admission